Tiger Prawn 700g/Pack


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Cultured Tiger Prawn, Net Weight around 700g, frozen in box packaging | Order now and receive in 3 working days.

The whole delivery process is fulfiiled in cold chain handling method to ensure maximum freshness.

Home delivery to Johor Bahru, Skudai, Masai, Medini and Gelang Patah area.

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Tiger Prawn (700g)

  • Cultured
  • Net Weight ± 700g
  • Frozen below -18°C in box packaging


Sizes Available

  • 21/25: Contains around 20pcs in one pack
  • 26/30: Contains around 24pcs in one pack
  • 31/35: Contains around 28pcs in one pack


Benefits of Tiger Prawn/Shrimp:

Abundant Nutrients

Prawns have a healthy macronutrient profile. They’re high in protein, low in carbohydrates and contain very little fat. For example, a 3-ounce serving has about 17 grams of protein and less than 1 gram of both carbohydrates and fat. Including prawns in your diet provides the types of nutrients you need to promote muscle and reduce fat.


Essential Minerals

Freshwater crustaceans are also rich in minerals. A 2017 report in Fishery Technology showed that prawns contain an abundance of magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and copper. The authors of the report noted that crustaceans caught during different seasons had different mineral profiles for the most part. The mineral that remained constant throughout the year was calcium.


Essential Vitamins

Prawns deliver many healthy vitamins as well. For example, they’re a great source of vitamins A, D and E as well as vitamins B1, B2 and B3. Interestingly, irradiating crustaceans to remove bacteria increases their vitamin A and E content.


Fatty Acids

Prawns also offer an excellent source of polyunsaturated fatty acids. These fats include the omega-3 fatty acids known to lower your heart attack risk. Authors of an article published in the International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies recommended prawns as a healthy food choice due to their omega-3 fatty acid content.


The Cholesterol in Prawns

Prawns offer a number of health benefits but also contain a high amount of cholesterol, nearly 200 milligrams in a 3-ounce serving. Some experts recommend limiting the intake of foods, like prawns, that are high cholesterol. But a 2015 thesis from Liverpool John Moores University tested this recommendation in healthy men, with the results indicating no adverse effects from eating prawns.

If you have a history of high cholesterol or heart disease, though, play it safe by consulting with your doctor about how foods like prawns might fit into your heart-healthy diet.


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21/25, 26/30, 31/35


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