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Kampung Chicken (Half Chicken) by Aqina Farm

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[Halal Certified] AQINA Kampung Chicken, half chicken | Order now and receive in 3 working days.

The whole delivery process is fulfiiled in cold chain handling method to ensure maximum freshness.

Home delivery to Johor Bahru, Skudai, Masai, Medini and Gelang Patah area.

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Aqina Half Kampung Chicken

  • Fed with MD2 Pineapple Enzymes
  • No antibiotic residue
  • No growth hormone
  • More tender and juicier
  • Halal certified


Slow-grown with no growth hormone and antibiotic residue

Aqina Farm is the leading farm for pineapple chickens and kampung chickens with over 20 years of rich history. Breeding chickens the traditional way by nurturing them slowly to reach their optimal nutritional value and authentic taste. It is because they believe that slower growth, better diet and more exercise make the chickens happier, healthier and tastier.


Feed with Bromelain – MD2 Pineapple Enzymes

In addition, Aqina is the only farm that feeds chickens with unique digestive enzyme Bromelain extracted from MD2 Pineapples.


Benefits of Bromelain

Besides, it contains unique acid resistance properties that promote efficient absorption of nutrients, as well as anti-inflammatory properties that stimulate growth, boost their immunity and improve health.


Why Aqina Farm?

It is because Aqina’s chickens are raised in compliance with MyGap and Mesti standard. They have also obtained MyOrganic certification for their products. Chickens from Aqina’s Farm have no antibiotic residue, and free from hormone that are commonly used in conventional poultry. They are serious and careful about chicken feed, only the best raw material of soy, corn, wheat, bran are used.


To ensure happy and healthy chickens, they use natural bio-based compunds such as:

  • Actigen: functions to bind pathogen from raw feed ingredients.
  • Lacto-Sacc-Functions to promote healthy gut; hence better immune system.


As a result, use of bio-based compounds above will help in:

  • Better conversion of good quality protein in chicken meat
  • Reduce amount of fat intake by the chicken
  • Assurance of zero antibiotic growth promoter compound


Therefore, we are pretty confident that the quality of Aqina Half Kampung Chicken will impress you in many ways.

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