In 2020, COVID pandemic spread around the globe. Malaysia government implemented Movement Control Order (MCO) in March 2020. Since then, digitalization of traditional business has become hot topic in Malaysia among SMEs. Being from e-commerce background, the LUA brothers start considering bringing business from offline to online (O2O). This is when they meet KX and Stacey, hence initiate e-commerce site. tells a story about how traditional eggs business transform itself into e-commerce business model, where consumer get kampung eggs fresh from farm direct to kitchen through subscription.

About us - delivers fresh eggs and frozen to Malaysia

The LUA brothers

Elder brother Cheong Hong serves as an engineer in Singapore before returning to Malaysia. During his study in NANYANG TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY (NTU) Singapore, he took part in LEE KUAN YEW global business plan competition together with younger brother Cheong Rui (RAY) and grab the finalist award.
In 2013, the brothers return to Malaysia and operate family business doing land brokerage. In 2014, the brothers co-founded an Ecommerce company and achieved 8-figure sales turnover at the end of third year.
The brothers never stop being active in the community. They are advisors in e-commerce of Sunway College Johor Bahru. In addition, the elder brother is appointed as committee of NTUAAM by NTU, leading the charity project in Malaysia.


KX and Stacey

KX’ family has been in traditional eggs business for more than 3 decades. However, after graduating from RMIT University Singapore, KX returned to Malaysia pursuing his dream in Photography and Video Productions. In 2015, KX founded Mudhorse Production. This is where Stacey comes in and operate together after her graduation from Chaoyang University of Technology Taiwan. They are specialised in multimedia production for Weddings, Corporate and TV Commercial. In 2020, KX decided to expand his family business from offline to online. Conventionally, poultry products like eggs are supplied from farm to wholesaler, then retailer, lastly reach consumers’ hand. The procedure is lengthy which hugely affect the freshness as well as higher retail price.